Solutions for the Future

    A very important, and probably the best, solution to most of Japan's demographic troubles is one thing: immigration. Germany, Italy, and Spain face similar problems, but these countries encourage immigration, from virtually anywhere (Ghosh, IB Times). Immigration would solve the labour force problem, support the elderly, and increase birth rates. Supporting immigration from other East Asian countries would immediately help the situation in Japan (Ghosh, IB Times).
     Also, in the topic of birth rates, Japan could encourage and support births, similar to the way China is encouraging the birth of girls in families - by using incentives, honor, and posters (International Data Base, Ghosh, IB Times). The young population is just as important as preserving and supporting the elderly, and Japan has to realize this and implicate measures to support young adults, the middle-aged population, and children.
    Also, male health care could be focused on, to equal the male senior population with the female's (US Department of State).